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Kent conservatories glass roofs

welcome all to this edition of our small but very useful blog about glass roofs on conservatories can conservatories in recent years has had a high influx of potential clients requesting costings for the installation of self-cleaning glass for the conservatories

we must confess that this is a fantastic product that is absolutely amazing the actual product is coated with a special molecule that is attached to the glass if any debris or dirt or foreign body were to live on this glass when it rains in England which quite often it does the actual writing loosens the foreign debris and it is released washed away leaving the class nice and clean

there is only one drawback with this particular type of glass is that in some areas the leaves are small hint of blue which is more apparent at different times a day due to the way the sun moved around from eastern North but saying that the product is absolutely fantastic and is a lifesaver if you have a particular roof that is very hard to gain access to claim in our experience although costly is well worth every penny and the added benefit or so open about polycarbonate roof is that when it rains on the polycarbonate roof it can sound quite noisy inside your conservatory

but alas this is not the case with a glass roof the soundproofing is excellent and it’s very hard to tell whether it’s mine in or not even though you can visually so it’s so outside

we have enclosed your benefit a small caption of what the actual glass looks like but should you wish a free estimate for your can conservatory for this product and we are more than willing and available to show you this

self cleaning glass

self cleaning glass



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