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with the summer fast on its way why not contact John’s brickwork to see if we are able to help you design and choose the conservatory of your dreams as we have been supplying and fitting conservatory’s to all areas of Kent for quite a few years now, we believe that we offer an unbelievable fantastic range of handmade conservatory’s that are completely maintenance free and designed and built to withstand many years of our winters.

Our conservatory’s sumptuous and delicious in design but that is where we help you the design factor of your conservatory is absolutely paramount as a badly designed conservatory will show in the long run we take into consideration the complete need of your conservatory it maybe you wish to use it for a luxury office of room of entertaining or dining area in fact the usability of your conservatory is endless we can even introduce luxury by folding doors that fault back all the way to one side of your conservatory inviting your garden into your living room.

There are many different types of styles conservatory available if you take a look at our website you will see the amounts of works we have carried out and the ranges of conservatory is and of course the choice of colour available is endless. Once we have established top conservatory that meets your needs we were then interact by designing your conservatory with the latest state-of-the-art technology in 3-D viewing we are able to use a laptop to type in all the guy mentions of your conservatory the styles of Windows and along with the positioning of your luxury doors whether they be patio doors or French doors leading out into your garden are programmers design to fit your doors and windows exactly where you require them.

We supply free estimates and advice all the time

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With this in mind the complete conservatory will be designed with all your key elements of the features that you requested from us within start to place the windows and doors on top of the brickwork and it finally the installation of your roof

the roof of your conservatory can be made of several materials one of course is the polycarbonate which comes in a range of colours from clear, blue, bronze,

in recent years with a technology that has been evolved self-cleaning glass is now available for the conservatory sector this is quite costly but eliminates the need for washing your conservatory from the first I’ve installation but we are more than happy to provide you with your cost-effective solution for your Kent ┬áconservatory

we have various offers on at the moment for all residents that live in all areas of Kent to which we would like to offer you especially if you’re a senior citizen please take advantage of a discount voucher coupon system please see the website terms and conditions do apply.

We hope and trust that you have found all our information above of interest to you and should you request a quotation from us for your conservatory you might do this by either contacting us directly or you can contact us by e-mailing further e-mail contact form within the website

our main website is full of useful friendly easy to read information please take a look at our gallery section and you will see the ranges of conservatory is that we have been fitted in the areas of Kent.

All our estimates of valid for a period of 30 days so it does enable you to go further estimates for all your conservatory needs but most of the time we meet people due to the fact of our professional conduct and the way we actually listen to what you need we find that most people come on board not because we are the cheapest conservatory company in Kent is because we have been totally transparent and we don’t hide anything other than what you see is what you get from us

we do thank you Connie from reading the entry within our blog to day and hope and trust that we hear from you in the not too near distant future

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