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Essex loft conversions

Posted on November 26th, 2018 by johns-brickwork  |  Comments Off on Essex loft conversions

Benefits of Loft Conversions in Essex

There are endless benefits of having a loft conversion, and that is why most homeowners these days are excited to try this idea. It is the best way to optimize space without even shifting your house to a new location.
The great news is that most of the buildings can accommodate loft extensions with ease. People love to try this because it not only improves the external appearance of their home rather at the same time it improves their lifestyle as well.
There are so many benefits of using loft conversion ideas in Essex:
• Increase overall value of the property:
When you extend loft in your premises, it helps to increase some space in square feet and hence affects the overall value of your property. Studies reveal that loft extension can improve the value of a house by almost 20%. This additional space can be later used for designing an extra bedroom, home office, bathroom or even some entertainment arena for the family and kids.
• Generate revenue from your house:
It is not just about selling your home to get some extra money with the loft extension rather this space can also improve your own lifestyle. The spare bedroom in the extended loft area can be dedicated to the guests. Or some people would even love to rent it to get revenue every month.
• Better space utilization:
Some people may think that in order to do loft extension, they have to sacrifice their driveaway or garden area; but in actual, loft extension can be done without causing any harm to the existing structures in your premises. This extension can improve the overall look of your home while doing better space utilization.
If you live in Essex and are planning to do a loft conversion, it is good to take help from some professionals in the area. They know all the rules and guidelines specified by the state government for loft extension and can also take planning permission from authorities. Professionals have a better idea about how to utilize the existing space in a much creative manner so that your house can look for attractive with the much useful design. They can help you reinvent the exteriors of your house as per your requirements. Your idea of Essex loft conversions will definitely bring more value to your house, and the great news is that it can be implemented without causing much burden on your limited budgets.



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