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Here at Essex's favorite building company we supply and fit conservatories.  They are very tasteful and elegant in style and appearance.  Obviously most conservatories are attached to the rear of the property and this is the sun house down to the garden.  Generally if the property is north facing it is obviously not going to get much sun but if is south facing you will get the sun all day. 


Design is critical and will play a major part in all components.  Generally you will receive a telephone call from a prospective client and we will make a convenient appointment to pop round and see them where we will take on board their requirements for the conservatory and we start to design the conservatory with our CAD drawings on the computer in front of them in the house.  The software that we use actually constructs the conservatory inside their house and they can see it built on the laptop in front of them in a skeleton form. 


The benefit of the actual drawing and the CAD drawings is so the client can actually see the conservatory taking shape and so if they did not want a door in one position we can move it round to the side, or if they did not like the openings we can put more openings in or take some out.  We can also add extra details to it i.e. they may want colour fan lights or bevels or actual deadwork done to it.  There are many different types and designs of conservatory but I would say the most popular ones are the Victorian, Edwardian, gable fronts, corner Victorians, Victorian in rosewood, Victorian dwarf wall, Edwardian T-shape, glass roof Edwardian, cream PVC Edwardian and lean to conservatories all basically fundamental to the customer and given the customer extra added room.  All product profiles that we supply and fit are all manufactured to the highest standards.  All come with Pilkington K reinforced glass.  


Essex ConservatoryAll the windows are high security and the doors are all extra high security thus giving the customer obvious assurance that their property is safe and also their investment.  Generally from start to finish most of the installations take a period of three weeks.  The customer is offered a great variety of choice of roof colourings i.e. clear, opal, bronze and obviously the new installation of self cleaning glass available by Pilkingtons. 


Considering factors when installing a conservatory for the purpose of the customer is that the sun projects two types of radiation namely ultraviolet and infrared.  Infrared is the heat source that we feel as heat and ultraviolet is what discolours things so many a time we have pulled the carpet back and the carpet is nice and clean underneath but has faded where it is near an entrance to a doorway as the ultraviolet has taken all the pigmentation out but with the new Pilkington glass that we now install it actually keeps out the ultraviolet and keeps in the infrared reversing the process.


The main structure of integrity in the roof is that it has to be strong and snow loading.  Everything is tried and tested with all the BSI kite marks.  We actually use the Ultraframe roof system which comes with a 25 year guarantee plus all the necessary accreditations and it is the highest one out on the market at the moment.  Generally the roof takes about a day or so to fit along with the frame and then over the next couple of days the rest of the glass can go in along with all the fixtures and fittings, handles and window boards.  After the main construction of the conservatory is done the traders come in and we start doing the plastering. 


Installation of the electric sockets or gas installations is all carried out by qualified and competent tradesmen.  Installation of the floor is generally given at least 4-5” of insulation and finished off with a screed of about 70 mm.  The conservatory is all finished off with nice skirting boards and window boards made out of timber.  The benefits of the roofs that we have are that they have openings so that if it is too hot the opening opens up in the roof and when it is too cold it closes down so you have plenty of ventilation circulating as the temperature inside the conservatory can get reach up to 120 degrees inside without any ventilation.  With the Ultraframe roof we can actually have an electrical fan installed at the top at the crestings underneath the finials so therefore we can give a better air flow circulation with a fan. 


For the extra benefit and money we can install air conditioning units for approximately an extra £1,000 so you can keep it nice and cool or in the winter months you can keep it nice and hot.  We can do different types of floor coverings such as tiling, laminate, fitted carpets, parquet flooring and lino.  Added benefits would be to put a step outside.  This makes the conservatory look completely finished and part of the garden and the dwelling as well. 


Our prices are very realistic and affordable in comparison to other companies.  It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain any planning permission or building consent at all times and not the actual contractor, JBL.  The choice of colours with windowsills is the same with the conservatories.  You can have white PVCU, woodgrain, cherry oak, magnolia and sometimes the customer requests green or black.  With conservatories, all footings are carried out.  The standard footing that we supply is 600 mm deep x 450 mm wide, backfill trench fill with C25 mix concrete which comes direct from a concrete supplier which is accredited.  Once the concrete is set and cold, we then return to site, raise things up to damp course and thus setting out the safety of the conservatory.  Most walls finish at 600 mm above the house’s DPC. 


Once we are above the DPC, the first fixings are strapped to the house which will take the next course of brickwork going up to 600 mm.  At JBL we always try to match the existing brickwork of the property or block work or even pebble dashing if that has been used in the past.  As with all major projects and developments we always keep the property clean and tidy at all times.  The prices of our conservatories range from £3,000 to anything up to £30,000 depending on the budget, style and choice of design the customer requests.  With all fundamental stages of the build, even from the process of the foundations, should we unearth any underground pipe work that cannot be foreseen then obviously we have to lintel over these to maintain there is not actually any weight bearing on the pipes and they are perfectly safe to use.  We can move manholes with the local authority approval. 


A builder inspector can come out and amend the client’s plans accordingly.  At JBL, we try to make things run as smoothly as possible.  From start to finish we offer the customer a full contract so they can see exactly what they are getting for their money, complete diagrams and a breakdown of interim costs.  Generally we take a 25% deposit and then further instalments on the basis of when the frames arrive and then the finishing complete with the final payment on completion.  Full guarantees are also given to the customer.

The benefits of a conservatory are that it is quicker to build than an extension but basically an extension would put more value on to the property than a conservatory but a conservatory is easier to install and less troublesome with planning and building regulation control that the customer would have to obtain.

We do offer a full planning service including an on board architect as well.  Prices vary from job to job depending on the size of the conservatory and the amount of work involved but this usually takes all the stress away from the customer by leaving the planning in our capable hands to push it through as fast as possible.  Should planning consent be required for any conservatory it would usually take about 4-8 weeks before we get an approval directly back from the council.  Once planning permission is granted then we would obviously inform the customer as soon as possible and let them know the start dates of work.


For further details about Conservatories including how they are constructed visit Essex Conservatories


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